Ageing Test Oven Malaysia

Industrial Oven, Ageing Test Oven, it is a laboratory oven that can be used for powder coating, drying etc. It can simulate temperatures up to 300℃ with good uniformity.

Internal capacity: 100L to 500L

Model no.: L-OV series

Temperature range:RT+10℃ ~200℃,RT+10℃ ~250℃,RT+10℃ ~300℃ for optainal

Controller:Single-point temperature controller, precise PID control

Unique structure and design, with good temperature uniformity

  • Installation site conditions
    Install this test chamber in a place which satisfied the following conditions
  • Ambient conditions
    Ambient temperature range: 5~35℃;
    Humidity range : ≤85%RH
    Atmospheric pressure: 86~106KPa;
    Air quality: Haven’t high concentration dust and corrosive gas
    Floor requirements: Flat, level floor with good ventilation
    Space requirements
    For the purpose of future easily ventilation, operation and maintaining, please install the test chamber according to below space requirements:
    It needs space more than 800mm from 4 sides of test chamber.
    It must have sufficient access space to ensure the door can be opened. Please do not put any objects on the front side of door, as the hot steam may damage the objects.
  • Power supply
    Check main power supply for the equipment (the diameters of electrical wire, power switch etc.) comply with below requirements:
    Frequency and fluctuation: 50±0.5Hz;
  • Ground wire
    Connect the test chamber to ground can avoid electric shock and reduce the noise caused by improper running.
  • Connect power supply cable
    Connect the mains power supply cable of test chamber to the external electricity power supply (Check the phase consequence, current, and power consumpation clearly before connection).

Q: Does your factory has the ability to design according to different specifications?

A: Yes, we can design the walk in chamber which exactly meet your test requirements, including temperature and humidity, weathering etc.

Q: In order to get the chamber which meet my requirements, which kind of requirements I should pay attention to?

A: In order to design the walk in chamber which exact meet your requirements, please let us those requirements at least:

  • Internal dimension
  • specimen dimensions
  • temperature range
  • humidity range
  • ramp rate (if applicable).

Q: What’s the lead time?

A: Normally, for a walk in chamber,the lead time is 2 month after deposit received.

Q: What’s kind of payment method you accepted?

A: In our factory, the payment term is T/T 30% downpayment before production, and T/T 70% before shipment. If different payment method required, please contact with our sales.