Withstanding the Heat Wave in Malaysia

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Withstanding the Heat Wave in Malaysia

Will your product still be reliable in different countries of various humidity? Can your product still operate well after unexpected / sudden heat exposure?”

On January 2019:

Adelaide, Australia had reached — a searing 46.6 C (115.9 F) on record on Jan. 24. Chicago was recently hit with Polar Vortex, recording the lowest temperature ever at -38°C. Malaysia has recorded temperature as high 37°C during recent the heat wave.

How to Check the Weather Tolerance of your Products?

One of the ways that R&D and QA / QC analyses how their products will react to environmental change or sudden climatic exposure is by using a weather simulation system e.g. climatic testing chamber…

What is a Climatic Testing Chamber?

Also known as the environmental test chamber, are enclosed chambers specialise in testing the tolerance level of items, materials & components, when exposed to specified environmental conditions.
Floor-Type         Bench-Top
  Walk-in               3-in-1 Integrated

Temperature & Humidity Chambers

  • Able to simulate heat, cold, dry humidity weathery effects.
  • Can be modified to suit customer’s requirements.
  • Bench-top chambers are suitable to test smaller samples, components & parts.
  • Walk-in chambers can test larger components or finished products (e.g. an automotive vehicle).
  • The 3-in-1 intergrated chamber specialise in corresponding temperature, humidity & vibration test requirements.


  • Simulate a variety of weathery & environmental effects.
  • Analyse the test sample / product’s overall quality & durability when exposed to certain weathery conditions.
  • Customisable dimension & environmental effects can be adapted accordingly to the customer’s requirement and to test samples in various sizes.
  • Suitable for almost any industry that requires testing on the exposure of their products towards a variety of weather conditions or room temperature changes

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