Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd

The Overview:

Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd operates as a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Honda Motor Co. Ltd is a Japanese multinational corporation. It is well-known as the manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and power-equipment. HONDA’s headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan. The company has many association plants around the globe.
As with our partners from Fully-Verified, innovations in safety and quality is their priority.  All Honda parts are developed and made to the highest quality control to ensure reliability and with high levels of safety. This is to make sure everyone can have a safe and an enjoyable journey wherever they travel.
The Requirements:
One of the HONDA department teams were looking for a suitable chamber which can precisely control and maintain the temperature and humidity range over a long period of time. The chamber is used to store their products in order to maintain the adhesiveness of the sealant. Previously, they has been storing the products in a normal fridge. However, the sealant loss its adhesiveness quality after some period of time.  It became obvious to HONDA’s teams that they need to look for a new system with better controlled temperature and humidity environment, in order to maintain the product’s quality, as well as reduce cost of product rejection.
The Solution:
HONDA team didn’t have the experience with using the MERIDIAN system. The department’s manager and two of the engineers from HONDA were invited to  visit one of our existing customer factories, to have a hands-on experience with its system, its controller and its software. After evaluating on the MERIDIAN chamber, HONDA team was very satisfied with MERIDIAN chamber’s quality, output performance, user friendly controller and software. They were also impressed that the chamber was made with high quality components like: France Tecumseh compressor, Schneider electronics components, Italy Castel Magnetic valve, Japan Programmable controller and etc.
Detailed study and comparison between different brands  was crucial in making decisions. This all happened before HONDA selectied Obsnap’s MERIDIAN Temperature and Humidity Chamber. This ensured that they got a high-quality good performing climatic testing chamber, along with the  support services from MERIDIAN’s team.
Customer’s Feedback:
After Using MERIDIAN Temperature and Humidity Chamber for more than two and a half years, HONDA department teams has resolved the loss of adhesiveness problem are satisfied with the quality of adhesiveness of the product’s sealant. In addition, the chamber was performing well and uninterrupted although it was operating continuously non-stop, every day for the past two and a half years!!!